NGDI, NextGen Digital Infra
Empowering Connected Communities

Empower, Connect, Roam Freely!

NGDI’s range of digital hubs are the next frontier for digital infrastructure, the winning formula for delivering connectivity and digital services to urban centers.    

Cities are facing a multi-faceted challenge to update the fragmented urban infrastructure to be ready for the digital needs of tomorrow, whilst minimizing visual pollution and civil groundwork. The aftermath of Covid lock-down is creating a sense of urgency for cities to re-energize high street and visitor experience. The wide community desire for sustainability and livable streets is putting pressure on cities to re-invent urban experience and public spaces.

Mobile operators are under immense pressure to implement network densification and build for the exponential growth in data usage. The available street furniture is not fit for purpose, introducing economical and delivery challenges associated with deploying infrastructure and associated backhaul in dense urban spaces.

NGDI's innovative and slick concept can enable cities and mobile operators to achieve a shared goal of ’always on’ connectivity. In addition to providing critical services at key locations in the urban space. 

A beachhead strategy for rolling out ultra dense mmWave 5G small-cell infrastructure to urban locations where mobile operators have not been successful in gaining permit to deploy traditional mobile systems.

Unique free-standing structures with engaging and futuristic design, therefore blending with the city landscape, bringing an innovation vibe to urban areas.

Featuring ultra-bright dual digital display screens, a user interface for interactive services to the community, carrier neutral small-cell capability and opt-in modules with EV charging, e-mobility charging, parking management and security cameras.